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Names of JESUS.

The scripture say’s …at the NAME if Jesus every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus christ is LORD to the Glory of God the FATHER.  (Philipains      )  In the Old TESTAMENT and indeed in the NEW TESTAMENT have a lot to say, about the names of GOD.  The NAME of a PERSON in the Old Teatament denotes  nature, it reveals the CHARCTER OF THE PERSON.   I can’t begin to tell you all, the number of times I have gone through this by, QUOTING  from the start… JESUS NAME THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES and end up at the last phrase..THE BEGGING AND THE END.  In Matthew 21:16 …Jesus said, ‘have you not read out of the mouths of babes and nursing infants you have PERFECTED PRASIE…  Jesus here is quoting from Psalm 8:2 …mouth of the mouth of babes and nursing infants  you have ORDAINED STRENGTH… Now in Matthew 21:16 changes the words in Psalm 8:2 ….ORDAINED STRENGHT… for …PERFECTED PRAISE… So we can clearly see from this that, PRAISE is that STRENGTH which stills the enemy and the avenger.  It deosn’t matter what is going on or circumstances I find myself in when I start to QUOTE from this perticular piece of ARTWORK all negative feeling and emotions just vanish it’s as though it hadn’t happened.

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